What is a ‘Nature Centre’?


The term refers to a protected, natural area, an area where centres offer discovery through interaction.   The staff are both welcoming and passionate, eager to share their knowledge and skills.  They offer guided visits, workshops and games, observation of local flora and fauna on nature walks, exhibitions and displays … You can enjoy the privileged position of getting really close to nature, in the company of women and men who teach you about the history of the locality.


Nature Centres offer a multitude of ways to be in close contact with, and always respectful of, the flora and fauna of our county. 

A mark of distinction, awarded for initiative on behalf of the département of Charente-Maritime

Logo-PN_greenThe network of Nature Centres has worked to protect 14 threatened species to date, and are open for visits across the Charente-Maritime.  This original initiative was launched in 1995 by the département of Charente-Maritime, in close partnership with local groups and associations.  The title of Nature Centre guarantees the quality of these 14 sites, their accessibility to the public and a programme of activities designed to raise public sensitisation to nature.

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